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Charles Darwin. The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the action of worms with observations of their habits. London, 1881.

The share which worms have taken in the formation of the layer of vegetable mould, which covers the whole surface of the land in every moderately humid country, is the subject of the present volume.

Friend Earthworm, by George Sheffield Oliver, B. Y. P.

Practical Application of a Lifetime Study of Habits of the Most Important Animal in the World

Several articles from BioCycle magazine related to vermicomposting

Red Worm Composting

Red Worm Composting was created by Bentley Christie, co-author of the EcoSherpa Sustainable Living Blog. The main goal of the site is to share his passion for vermicomposting with others - hopefully encouraging a lot more people to get involved!


Sustainablog is dedicated to news, information and personal meandrisngs related to environmental and economic sustainability.


The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is part of the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW, which was formed in April 2007.

Plant Doctor

The Plant Doctor is Randall Prue, offering the ultimate in natural plant care since 1970. Randall's methods and techniques are published and presented in books, magazine articles, radio, and television, as well as at personal appearances and in private consultation. Four decades of plant-healing techniques are now being reprinted at the web site.