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Frequently Asked Question

  • Does a worm bin smell?
    A properly maintained bin doesn't smell and can be kept indoors. If a bin started to make odours it's a sign of stagnation, that there is no air flow in the bin. To avoid this, add some bedding material with each feed. Use bedding material that doesn't make impenetrable layers.
  • Do worms escape the bin?
    Worms never escape the bin on their own will. It's a strong instinct for a worm to remain hidden in soil. If you see a worm outside the bin it means that something bad happened from its point of view. For example, vinegar got into the bin, or somebody added too much oranges, or conditions in the bin became too anaerobic.
  • I added new worms. The worms seem to be coming out of the bottom (through the bottom mesh and into the drip tray). Any advice?
    It's a sign, that there is not enough available space for worms. Did you put worms on the bedding or vice versa? If you put worms under the bedding, turn the bedding around to let worms find their way down and explore the tray. Add more bedding to the tray. Fill all the tray with bedding. Make sure that the bedding is wet enough. For these bins, it's OK, if it will be too wet at the beginning. Extra water will drip out. Water bedding and worms for 2 - 3 days as it absorbs water and dries out. Add some soil from garden to the bedding. Stressed worms seek for safety and soil helps them.
  • How fast the compost is ready.
    In ideal conditions it takes 2 months from a food scrap to ready compost. This time can vary depending on temperature, and the content of the supplied material.
  • What is the minimal quantity of worms I need.
    You can start any bin with 1/2 pound (200g) of worms. In 2 - 4 monthes they will reach their optimal population.
  • Can the worms survive freezing winter.
    No. They die if their bedding freezes.
  • Could a worm bin in some way be baby-proofed.
    Yes. Use a ratchet strap, connected around the bin to hold the lid and all the trays as one.
  • What kind of wood are your worm bins made of?
    We use untreated Canadian spruce. This wood doesn't rot fast since it contains some amount of spruce thus. At the same time it is good for worms.
  • What is the average life of the bin?
    At least 5 years.
  • Is the bin material harmful for worms or compost or humans?
    No. It's natural and non-harmful.
  • Do I have to water-proof (paint, stain, etc.) this bin?
    We don't recommend to do this, since this removes all the advantages of wood as material.
  • What is the difference with a plastic bin?
    Sustainable, non-toxic, better for worms, better compost quality.
  • I'm not sure what to get - how much difference does the deep bin make?
    The deeper trays are better for worms, the shallow trays make better compost.
  • Can I buy bins for friends and family and have the bins shipped to them?
    You can order your bin and send us a notice of where it is going
  • Do you wholesale your bins?